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Rad Boots MacGee.

In a Dystopian city, you are MacGee; an operative within the Steel Lions Agency. 

Your mission is to uncover the mass cloning conspiracy by Same Corp. It is believed that the CEO of Same Corp is mass cloning himself for world domination. 

Freely walk on walls and ceilings using your Rad Boots and use the environment to enter new areas and gain safer vantage points against enemies.

Remember, strength lies in differences, not clones!

Created for Game Jobs Live Game Parade Spring 2021


  • New in-game Mouse Sensitivity Settings menu available, accessed with the "Esc" or "P" keys when playing
  • Revamped player collision detection to stop unwanted vibration effect on walls and stop falling through objects
  • Game rebuilt as downloadable application, replacing the browser build which has improved lighting, music and sound.

I am an indie game developer, playing and creating all things video games.

Come check out Super Nova Boy; the game I am working on right now:

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RBM.zip 33 MB

Install instructions

Thank you for taking the time for Rad Boots MacGee (RBM).

Instructions as follows:

  1. Download the RBM Zip File
  2. Extract all from the RBM Zip File
  3. Open the Rad Boots MacGee Application and have fun
  4. Please enjoy and feedback is appreciated

Development log


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Any plans to take this further? I'd like to see what you had in mind for the bosses.

Hey, at the moment there are no immediate plans to take Rad Boots further other than to fix some of the issues highlighted in the feedback and implement some finishing touches (mouse sensitivity sliders etc, etc) and add a bit of polish. Overall, I am proud that it is a short, fun packaged FPS experience that showcases a multi-gravity mechanic .  

A really unique game mechanic for a game jam, made me feel like part of the Matrix. A really solid game. Loved the design really fun, audio is very on trend. 

Thank you for taking the time to play and feedback. I'm glad you had fun.

Super cool mechanic, gets  very  confusing in a good way, only issue i found was I managed to clipped through the wall just before the green room and ended up back at the player start room. Looking forward to seeing more

Hey thanks for your time and feedback, really appreciate it. To achieve the multi-gravity effect I had to switch from a Character Controller to a Rigid Body for player collision detection in Unity. I find that the Rigid Body is trickier to programme player collision but is certainly on my plan to improve once the jam is over. Thanks again.